Fire Alarm Installation

GL Electrical employ fully trained Electricians in order to provide customers with industry regulated Fire Alarm Systems for both domestic and commercial property.  Our Electricians will establish a customer’s exact fire requirements in order to advise on fire risk and safety procedure, ensuring the correct Fire Alarm System is installed.  In accordance with BS5839, GL Electrical Contractors offer a wide range of Fire Alarm Systems and maintenance services depending on the complexity of each system provided.

Fire Alarm Systems are a set of electronic devices that work together in order to alert people to a fire, both through visual and audio means.  Fire Alarm Systems alert not only those in and around the building to fire, but they also send an alert to the Fire Brigade in order to ensure a quick response and minimize damage. With several alarm systems, including Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors and Water Flow Sensors, Fire Alarm Systems can be operated both automatically and manually.

One major benefit of Fire Alarm Systems is the visual aspect, where the Fire Control Panel receives a signal from an alarm and indicates which ‘zone’, or area of the building has been triggered.  This can be incredibly beneficial with larger buildings, as it will alert those near to which floor or room the fire is in and allow them to escape using an alternative Fire Safety route set out by our Specialists when the system was installed.  So if you have any queries regarding Fire Alarm Installation contact GL Electrical today and we will answer any questions and give our expert advice to ensure you are receiving a Fire Alarm which is suitable for your needs.