PAT Testing Glasgow

Over 25% of all serious electrical injuries in Glasgow involve portable electrical appliances and result in improper maintenance.  According to Health and Safety Regulations in the United Kingdom, there is a requirement that employers must ensure all electrical appliances be safe and maintained in order to prevent harm.  Due to this, it is advisable that all electrical appliances are routinely checked for fault.

 GL Electrical offer PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) Testing covering the Glasgow area, ensuring that our customer’s electrical appliances are safe and in working order and free of any glitches or damage.  PAT Testing, as well as ensuring a safe working environment, means that our customers are not subject to severe penalties if electrical appliances are not routinely checked and above health and safety standards.  If an employee is injured by an unsafe and unregulated electrical appliance, the employer may end up with a criminal record.  If a company is found to be an unsafe working environment, employers could find themselves with a fine of up to £6000 and up to 6 months imprisonment.

GL Electrical employ Specialists who advise customers on the correct maintenance and ensure they are aware of the necessary steps, according to Industry Regulations.  All failed items will be referred to customers and clearly marked as unsuitable to ensure that no damages or injury are caused, and to keep businesses within the law.