Smoke Alarm Installation

Based in Glasgow, GL Electrical offer both commercial and domestic installation services that coincide with industry regulations.  With fully trained Electricians, GL Electrical provide a service that helps save precious time in the event of a fire and ultimately saves lives.  Smoke Alarms detect smoke in order to catch a fire in it’s early stages, and issue a warning as soon as smoke is detected.

Smoke Alarms are a quick and cost effective way to prevent injuries or damage by fire, with two major models being installed in domestic and commercial property.  Self contained and roughly around 150 millimetres (6 in) in diameter and 25 millimetres (1 in) thick, Smoke Alarms are an unobtrusive way of detecting a fire.  Smoke Alarms can be both connected to the mains or battery powered, with Specialists conforming to the customer’s wants and needs and offering a comprehensive explanation of maintenance dependent on each alarm system.

The common household Smoke Alarm is Battery powered.  These smoke alarms, in the event of smoke detection, emit a high pitched warning signal that alerts to the presence of smoke and the early stages of a fire.  Battery powered Smoke Alarms will need to be maintained and checked regularly to ensure that the battery life has not run out, therefore disarming the alarm in case of a fire.

This hindrance is avoided with the introduction of a Mains Smoke Alarm, with replacing needed only ten years or so, provided they receive regular maintenance.  Mains Smoke Alarms are connected to Fire Alarm Systems and in the event of smoke detection, send a signal to the Main Fire Control and trigger an alert from the Fire Alarm System.  This system will also send an alert to the Fire Brigade and trigger both visual and audio warnings, with a high pitched warning signal from the smoke alarm pairing with the Fire Alarm System’s built in alert system.  For further information on Smoke alarm Installation, contact us today.