Electric Shower Installation Glasgow

GL Electrical are a fully qualified electrical contractor dedicated to providing top quality professional service to customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  Offering top of the range electric shower installation, GL Electrical ensure that all work is carried out in a friendly and professional manner.

We stock and carry a wide variety of showers and our team of highly trained and qualified Specialists work with customers from the very beginning to ensure that they receive exactly what they have been looking for.  Our Specialists will assess your current shower and setup and advise customers on all suitable showers for your bathroom and wiring so that you may make a completely informed decision.

We use only top of the range materials and equipment to ensure that all workmanship is carried out to the best of our ability using the best tools for the job.  We stock only top quality showers to ensure that you are not caught out on quality once installation is complete.

Our Specialists are always on hand to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns you may have about the shower or the installation and make your experience with us as stress free as possible.

All showers are installed in keeping with the requirements and regulations of Scottish Water to ensure that work carried out is guaranteed to be long lasting and effective.

GL Electrical offer upfront quotes based on the work at hand and what you are looking for, and we stick to these quotes.  All work is carried out for highly competitive prices, ensuring fantastic value for money.