PAT Testing Electricians Glasgow

PAT Testing is one of the most essential parts of electrical work and sadly is often overlooked.  Improper maintenance of electrical appliances can lead to serious injury, with 25% of this number making up injury from portable appliances in Glasgow.  GL Electrical employ a team of highly trained and qualified Specialists in order to provide you customers in Glasgow and the surrounding area with top quality service and workmanship to prevent a large number of consequences that come with improper maintenance of electrical appliances.

According to Health and Safety Regulations in the United Kingdom, all business owners, employers, landlords and public service providors are responsible for all injuries on their property or under their watch and must therefore provide regular maintenance on all electrical appliances in the vicinity.

GL Electrical provide PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) Testing to all customers in and around Glasgow to keep injuries and legal ramifications to a minimum.  Our team of Specialists are fully trained and qualified in the latest Health and Safety and Electrical Services Regulations to ensure that our customers receive only top quality care.

We will inspect and test all appliances on site for faults, glitches and damage, providing detailed, easy to understand reports to all customers to ensure they fully understand their current working conditions.  We ensure that all faulty or unsafe appliances are correctly and noticeably labelled, as well as advising our customers on the danger of using them.

GL Electrical urge that no one waits until an accident happens, as this can mean facing a criminal record and a fine of up to £6000 and up to 6 months imprisonment as well as serious injury. Regular inspections and maintenance of your appliances save costs in the long run and avoids a wide range of issues, and GL Electrical are happy to provide all customers with top quality service and workmanship at highly competitive prices.